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Tyre Nichols murdered by cops, community response

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“Tyre Nichols was publicly lynched. He is a victim of the chronically toxic police culture that too often treats Black and brown people as inconvenient and disposable objects,” said Marquez Claxton, director of public relations and political affairs for the Black Law Enforcement Alliance.

The deadly Memphis police beating of Nichols, which was filmed on multiple body and street cameras and televised on Jan. 27th, has got the nation talking and protesting.

The sheer barbarism of the deadly assault has talking heads and news anchors tearing up and referencing their own sons. With five Black police officers quickly arrested and charged, this particular murder touched everyone. The peaceful protests the police, politicians and some community advocates were prepped to call for, resulted in the days-later standing down of the white cop Preston Hemphill, who tried to taser Tyre and called on him to be stomped; and three EMTs who seemed to be derelict in their duty to render adequate assistance to the battered and bruised Nichols.
On Jan. 30th, an emotional Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. hosted a candlelight vigil “to grieve and uplift Nichols’ memory” on the steps of Queens Borough Hall.

“Tyre Nichols was a beloved son. Tyre Nichols was a devoted father. Tyre Nichols was a dedicated friend, a talented skateboarder, and a positive influence on so many in his community. Tyre Nichols should be alive today. Instead, he is yet another social media hashtag and the latest name to be carved into the never-ending list of innocent lives lost at the hands of law enforcement,” said Richards.

“This hurt I feel and we all feel as we watch the video of Tyre’s lynching is devastating, but we don’t have to process it alone,” he added as he urged the community to join him at the vigil to “honor Tyre Nichols’ life and demand accountability for the officers and the system that stole it.”

As police training and reform become the buzzword responses on mainstream media by politicos, police misconduct apologists, and other hopeful activists, NYC Councilman Charles Barron maintains that you cannot reform grandfathered-in police culture that leads to the killing of countless unarmed Black and brown people.

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