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Traverse City’s Salvation Army Hosts Annual Community Thanksgiving Meal

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Although most are sitting down with family and enjoying their Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, Traverse City’s Salvation Army wanted to ensure everyone had a chance to spend time with others and enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

The Salvation Army hosted their annual Community Thanksgiving meal and were ready to serve up to 400 people on Wednesday. The amount is almost double of last year. With the high price of groceries this year, many may not have been able to enjoy their Thanksgiving favorites.

The Salvation Army meal was all made possible by volunteers. Lieutenant Matthew Winters at the Salvation Army says “we’re just thankful for the community and their outpouring. It’s been a beautiful thing to see”

These volunteers took two days out of their holiday week to cook up this meal. They also packed to go meals for some guests to take home with them.

This was one volunteer’s first time helping out with this meal but he was excited for doors to open and to see all the hard work they put into this meal to finally be enjoyed. He was busy those two days, saying “we made the stuffing, the rolls, packed everything in little bags so they can grab and go.”

This year more than enough volunteers came together to make sure everyone could celebrate the holiday.

“We had an outpouring of volunteers. I mean, to the point that we were saying, hey, we have some other volunteer opportunities because we were so full. And so that’s an exciting thing for us that people are rallying behind this and are excited to serve the community,” Winters comments.

And no matter what age they were, they were happy to share the holidays with those in need.

Sarah Heuser, is a volunteer at only the age of 12 but has been coming out to help with this meal for years. She enjoys getting to spend time with the other volunteers and talking to those who come to enjoy the meal. She says “it just feels really cool to be a part of it. And I know if I were in need, I would love to go to this.”

Everyone who came out, whether they were serving or enjoying the meal, were excited to celebrate the holiday together.

Winters was thrilled to see so many people wanting to take time out of their day to make the holidays something everyone can celebrate. He describes it as “a special moment and we’re looking forward to that today of what it looks like to sit around the table with strangers and still get that same feel of this is family”

If you’re looking to help out at the next event this season, more information can be found here.

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