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Muscatine Community Y grinching for good cause

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MUSCATINE, Iowa–Over the years, Muscatine has had some pretty creative fundraisers, from flocks of flamingos to a traveling purple toilet, but with all the birds flown south for the winter and the whether cold enough to freeze the pipes, the Muscatine Community Y had to come up with something new to support their teen programs. In 2021, Character Development Director Amy Hessel and the staff she works with came up with the idea of grinching to spread holiday cheer and raise funds. While the Grinch in the classic Dr. Suess books and the movies made from it stole holiday cheer from others, this fundraiser spread so much joy to the community that the Y will bring it back again this year through Dec. 15.

When someone orders a grinching for a friend or family member, staff members from the Muscatine Community Y will visit the recipient’s yard, put up a sign, and sprinkle around plastic eggs filled with the sorts of candies and holiday bobbles that could have fallen out of the Grinch’s bags as he took gifts and decorations from the Whos. The recipients will also get a special personalized note from the sender as well. “I also love that the note for the kids being Grinched can be personalized,” shared Muscatine Community Y Marketing and Development Director Nicole McCleary. “A special note from grandparents, neighbors, parents, or family friends can mean so much – and after all, this is the season of giving!”

The following day, staff from the Y will come back and pick up the emptied eggs and the sign so they can reuse them for another grinched family. Unlike other yard item fundraisers, recipients do not need to pay to have the grinching removed, and each address can only receive one grinching.

A young volunteer at the Muscatine Community Y filling grinching eggs with treats. Photo courtesy the Muscatine Community Y.

A clever wintertime fundraiser, all the money raised from the Ys grinching will go to their teen programs. From maintaining the teen room and its supplies, to offering work out with weights (WOW) classes, to doing special workshops like Super Sitters, the Muscatine Community Y’s teen programs benefit many young people in Muscatine County and give them the safe and supportive environment they need to grow in to confident and caring adults.

With the season for grinching here, the Muscatine Community Y encourages you to arrange a grinching for a close friend or family member, especially those with young children, to start the holiday season off with some fun. If you would like to order a grinching, you may do so using the Muscatine Community Y’s website or by calling the Y at 563-263-9996. Each grinching costs $20, which may allow generous grinches (as oxymoronic as that may sound) to grinch several different loved ones.

With the season of giving here, McCleary encourages Muscatine residents to give the gift of whimsical fun to the special people in their lives and to support teen programming at the Muscatine Community Y by ordering a grinching this year. “It’s so much fun to see the excitement on kids (and adults!) faces when they realize there are a bunch of surprises in the yard for them!” she beamed.

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