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Miami Valley community, lawmakers reacts to closure of Dayton-based Mikesell’s – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

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DAYTON — The community reacted to the news that the Mikesell’s chips they grew up eating will soon be made by a new manufacturer.

After more than a century of operating out of Dayton, the company announced in a press release Wednesday that it is giving over its rights as soon as possible.

The company also was a chip provider for several groceries and restaurants.

One of those restaurants is Cassanio’s Pizza. President Chris Cassano shared how he reacted to hearing the news.

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“They have been in business for a lot of years I’m sure it was a tough call to make. I wish nothing but the best for Mikesell’s and their employees,” Cassano said.

Gov. Mike DeWine addressed the closure while taking questions during his State of the State address.

“They’ve been a great, great business and we’re certainly sad to see that happen,” DeWine said.

“This is a political world and the world change. We have to compete, and what was good enough yesterday will not be good enough tomorrow,” Lt. Governor Jon Husted added.

State Rep. Willis Blackshear also reacted to the closure.

“It feels like a part of my childhood is gone. I remember getting a Marion’s Pizza with Mikesell’s chips. Going to the local corner store. I choose Mikesell’s over all the top brands,” Blackshear said.

News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott talked to customers at a local grocery store about the loss of the historic company.

Many shoppers said they had memories of their parents buying Mikesell’s chips for them when they were children.

“They’ve been around so long and a staple of Dayton,” Eric of Dayton said.

Jen Tschudy remembers her grandparents buying them for her.

“My grandparents used to have one of the old tins like when Mike sells chips would come in the tins,” Tschudy said.

Longtime buyers will be shy to tell your their favorite flavors too.

“The corn puffs, the little pop things, and the actual old fashioned. Those are amazing,” Tschudy said.

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Tschudy said she fears that with a new company taking over the chips won’t be the same.

“I’ve never found anybody who could match their quality or their tastes. So I really do hope that they keep the recipes,” she said.

She also worries about what this means for other small businesses in the Miami Valley.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the country. All these big businesses taking them over. It’s going to discourage small businesses from wanting to open up,” Tschudy said.

Mikesell’s has not released a timeline right now on when they will make the transition but the president said in a statement “The Mikesell’s family and team wish to thank the community, consumers and partners for their love and support over the past 112+ years.”

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