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Comic book reading club by author: Bea Lema

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April 25, 2024 | 18.00 to 20.00 hours

Free activity upon registration

Meeting on The body of Christ by Bea Lema

The author’s comic book reading club is a free, monthly, cultural activity in which a stable group of people will meet for one Thursday afternoon a month to jointly analyze a comic that we have read, on our own, in the previous weeks.

This club intends to better understand the work of national and international authors, so we will intersperse works by authors from different origins. The themes and literary subgenres of the selected comics will be very diverse and will cover different sensibilities, themes, formats, interests…

The final objective is to spend an afternoon talking in depth and in a participatory and relaxed way about a comic by a national or international author. There will be participants in this club for whom this is their first contact with the world of comics, there will also be other people who have been enjoying this type of work for years: this will be a form of mutual learning and enjoyment of the work from different perspectives.

We will spend relaxed and fun afternoons around different works selected by Juan Naranjo. We will share, debate, listen to each other and enjoy the art of comics.

The body of Christ by Bea Lema


When Vera was a child, a demon haunted her house and harassed her mother, hammering her nerves until she was bedridden for days. Between the exorcism sessions with the ‘meiga’ and the appointments with the psychiatrist, year after year, the superstition fades away to make way for the diagnosis. But, despite abuse, illness and eccentricities, the love of a mother and her daughter is stronger than anything else, surviving the test of time and storms. ‘The Body of Christ’ is the declaration of love of a daughter to her mother, whom she has to take care of when she is too young, but it is also the tragic and universal portrait of a woman locked in her role as daughter, mother and wife in a patriarchal, poor and Catholic Spain.

Bea Lema (A Coruña, 1985) is an illustrator and comic book author. Her work is generally autobiographical and has themes related to madness, trauma, family relationships, religion and popular rituals. On a graphic level, she explores drawing and embroidery as a support for her illustrations and comics. In 2017 she received the XII Castelao Comic Prize from the Provincial Council of A Coruña for The Body of Christher first graphic novel, an autobiographical project that addresses mental illness from a girl’s perspective.

Juan Naranjo (Málaga, 1983) is a literary translator, book club coordinator and author. He translates books from English and Italian for Spanish publishers. He is passionate about encouraging reading and believes that reading clubs are a way to enjoy an activity traditionally understood as solitary in community.


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