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Color therapy. With Elena Nuez (Bicocacolors)

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Every Monday and Wednesday from April 8 to June 26 | From 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

From 18 years

Color therapy is an introductory course to decorative painting, its different representation techniques, the study of colors and how they interact with each other, the importance of textures, as well as composition and balance of shapes and the game of the volumes.

Participants will learn the entire creative process. During the four sessions that the workshop lasts, they will face a different challenge each day, whether due to a different size, a different support or a different painting technique.

With acrylics, for example, the session is divided into two stages. The first will be collective, that is, each student chooses a color and with it they will color each and every one of the works of the rest of the participants. In parallel, the rest will follow the same process, that is, all rotating around a large table, one stains with red, another with green, another with blue… always without an established pattern, or sketch, just letting themselves be carried away by the colors. When the entire background is covered in color, each one will return to their work individually to capture their style and personality.

After three hours, you will have lost your fear, having created your first work without hardly realizing it and, what is more important, enjoying your creativity.

In another session, you will learn the reverse technique: you will work with discoloration, using a black support which will be removed with bleach.

Another day will be dedicated to working in large format, folded into 16 parts, and using only three tones plus the background and textures, in the purest Aboriginal style. After three hours the 16 parts will be unfolded and the result will be a spectacular large format painting.

And, finally, the small format will also be used. Mixed technique will be used, mixing watercolor, ink and wax, to create a 3D work. At this point, the students will be able to face any challenge on their own.

The student must bring these materials:

  • A4 spiral notebook, made of 90g raw paper, CANSON OUTLINE type.
  • 3mm acrylic markers in white, raw, gray and black.
  • 2B pencil, eraser.
  • Flat brush n.7 and round brush with fine tip n.10

Elena Nuez, graduated in Industrial Design from the Complutense University of Madrid, has extensive experience in industrial design and textile printing. Her prints are rich in tribal details where she dominates the harmony of shapes and colors that recall Aboriginal painting.


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