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Clown workshop: The world is big for me

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June 4, 5, 6, 11, 12 and 13, 2024 | From 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

€ Prior registration required

He clown It is a solidarity discipline in which this being breaks in recklessly and stripped of judgment to enter into connection with an audience. And why supportive? Because it requires the exposure of his soul, a naked soul that embraces that audience.

Achieving that state of exposure and little prejudice is an arduous task. This is, precisely, the objective of this workshop organized by TanTonTería Teatro through Laboratorio Cómico: to get the participants to let go of those suspicions and those judgments that greatly limit the stage play; that is, to separate the concept of extravagance associated with clowning, in its most renewed and updated vision of this discipline.

The course takes place in person during two sessions in which the updated concepts of the clown discipline will be presented and worked on, as a masterclass: exhibition, action, affectation and fit. The student will be guided through games, improvisations, short creation pieces and gestural pedagogy towards the search for their comic dimensions. All of this with the aim of giving attendees a good time, awakening their curiosity and desire to live new experiences.

Workshop structure:

  • What is a contemporary clown
  • Exposure status and what it entails
  • The thought revealed
  • The hidden comedy
  • The creative search

This approach to contemporary clowning is aimed at actors and actresses, theater students, stage creators, as well as all those people who want to have a first approach to this discipline.

Comic Laboratory is the teaching support of TanTonTería Teatro from which they transmit the knowledge obtained from comedy and gestural theater, applying it in their methodology, in the evolution of their career and in the development of artisanal work on the scene.

Javier Sancho He is an actor and clown. In 2016 he founded the company TanTonTería Teatro. Graduated in Dramatic Art and specialized in gestural theater at the International School of Gesture and the International School of Mime and Gestual Theater Nouveau Colombier, he completes his training with teachers such as Ramón Fontseré, José Piris, Carlos Varela, Pablo Messiez and Arturo Bernal. In recent years he has produced the productions “Tiempos Viejos”, “Bouleverser”, “Gruñidos” and “La vida es tale”.


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