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“Chamber President Bosman must take action”

by News Room
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There is information that shows that Dutch politicians have acted as pawns for Russia and other countries or foreign organizations. This is evident from information that has become available on the street. However, it is not about PVV or FVD members, as the media has hinted in recent days, but Members of Volt, SP and CDA. At least that’s what the X users informed us. Journalist Joost Niemoller also goes hard and demands that the chairman of the section Bosma takes action against Volt at least.
Journalist Joost Niemoller writes on X that the Volt party has been known for years to have received money from the Hungarian-American billionaire, pro-immigration and globalist George Soros. He is said to have even paid for Volters’ courses, write Niemoller.

Shouldn’t House Speaker Bosma condemn the funding and influence of Soros’ Volt? Not only did Volt get money from American billionaire Soros, they also went to the course with that money. I think this is a clear case of foreign influence. It…

“Volt not only received money from the American billionaire Soros,” said Niemoller, “they also went to the course with this money. It seems to me a clear case of foreign influence. It goes even further than just paying money. ideological influence.”

This effect can be seen in the Volt’s self-reported economy. For example, in 2018, the “European Volt organization” received “a donation of 20,000 euros from the Open Society Foundation of Hungarian-American businessman and philanthropist George Soros,” Wikipedia explains, “which has enabled Volt members from different countries to take the course.”

“Just last year, Martin Bosma raised the issue of the financing of Soros’ Volt party,” Niemoller continues. “According to (party leader Laurens) Dassen, it wasn’t a problem at all because Volt was open about it.” View:

In that conversation (see video above), Dassen even admitted that Soros’s donation and the associated course were of great importance to Volt, because otherwise the party would not have been able to participate successfully in the elections. The fact that the party was able to do this, according to Dassen, is literally due to that money and Soros’ course.

As Niemoller rightly points out, that’s quite a problem. The Party Finance Act states:

“The political party does not receive monetary or in-kind contributions from a non-Dutch donor.”

CDA member “Moscow representative”

It has also been known for some time – although this has not been widely reported in the media – that there were indeed Dutch politicians in the past who apparently did active work for Russia. But it was not about members of PVV and FVD, but members of CDA and members of SP.

For example, a little over a year ago it was reported that former politician René van der Linden had been a “Kremlin advocate for years”. “He was sent by Russia to influence Western opinions and Western politicians… Van der Linden traveled across Europe at Russia’s expense and tried to limit EU sanctions against Moscow… He is also said to have had close relations with a Russian spy and a deal was made in Vienna with a Russian far-right politician , which was on the EU sanctions list at the time.”
Now I can hear you thinking, “Van der Linden? How do I know that name?” Well, Van der Linden is a member of the CDA. And not just any member of the CDA, but he sat as a member of that party in the Senate and the House of Representatives. In fact, he is Formerly President of the Senate. The man therefore had a lot of influence in the CDA and in Dutch politics as a whole. That’s why “AIVD bothered him”.

Member of SP “Top Contact of Moscow”

SP member Tiny Kox also had some bad news in this regard in 2022. According to leaked intelligence reports, “a Russian spy has named him as the Kremlin’s main contact”.

“Documents from 2014 show that (the Russian spy) considered Kox his main contact in the Council of Europe,” the media reported at the end of 2022. “That same year, the Council decided to limit Russian influence in response to Russia’s annexation. of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.”

“In January of this year, Kox was elected as the new chairman of PACE, defeating the only opposition candidate from Ukraine. Kremlin memos directly referred to Kox as a ‘pro-Russian candidate’ and praised him for his leading role in lifting sanctions against Russia,” reports said at the time. “He is described as someone who can be of ‘great value to Russia’ in Strasbourg. Kox is also said to have organized informal meetings between the Council of Europe and Russian politicians on his own initiative. According to Levitsky, Kox would accept Russia’s wishes and then try to persuade the Council to change its position.”

(Article continues under this call) We at DDS are STRONG under the influence of foreign political parties. What Volt, SP and CDA have done (if what is being reported is true!) is of course completely unacceptable. Do you think the same way? Then support us! Donate to DDS through BackMe and fight with us for a patriotic Netherlands!

Now that the media firestorm has erupted about “Dutch politicians” allegedly “acting as Russian propagandists” and possibly even receiving money, you’d think Van der Linden and Kox would be mentioned by name. But no. Somehow they will completely out of the news. And it’s weird. After all, the media themselves openly talked about their so-called “ties to Russia” a little over a year ago.

So if you have “knowledge” that there are “politicians” in our country who may have accepted payments from Moscow, doesn’t it make perfect sense to take a closer look at these people? Not directly accusing them of it, but putting their name forward possible suspects? Or at least “interesting people“?

Although they have denied receiving money from the Russians – but Baudet and Wilders have done it dozens of times. Yet they are always mentioned, with no evidence other than the bellyache of our big elite friends in the media.

Many X users think it’s crazy. Apparently not the media because they still don’t do anything about it. How is it possible?

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