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Breast clinic AZ Groeninge receives the quality mark again for the breast clinic (Kortrijk)

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The team at the AZ Groeninge breast clinic. In the middle, doctor Gracienne Staelens.© IF


AZ Groeninge has once again received a quality mark for its breast clinic. The Eusoma brand sets high standards for treatment. “We achieved it for the fourth time in a row,” says doctor Gracienne Staelens.

Eusoma was the first organization in Europe to start recording guidelines and indicators for good breast cancer care. Eusoma is short for European Society of Breast Cancer Specialist. Ultimately, it aims to provide the same high level of breast cancer treatment in all European countries.

“Our breast clinic in AZ Groeninge has been screening since 2011 based on the respected Eusoma guidelines,” says Kortrijk Gracienne Staelens breast clinic coordinator. “Every three years, the multidisciplinary team undergoes a very extensive and rigorous audit of all aspects of care, organization and infrastructure. In addition, there is also an annual interim evaluation, during which a limited screening is performed for the group. A minimum of 20 indicators will be re-evaluated to maintain recognition.

After an audit in 2011, the hospital received the mark in 2015, 2018 and 2021. A fourth three-year extension followed in March 2024. “We do better with Eusoma than with the Belgian recognition,” says Staelens. “We think cooperation is very important. Every new diagnosis requires a multidisciplinary consultation. Today, the patient is even more central.”

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