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Borja Jiménez, attitude of wanting to be | Culture

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Confidence, youthful drive and freshness were the ingredients that Borja Jiménez combined with the third of the afternoon. A bull from Puerto de San Lorenzo, as long in workmanship as it lacks substance. He didn’t have much dedication, but he came and went to the muleta without apparent opposition. Jiménez took advantage of it with great determination. The task had many phases, from the tight round bullfighting to the winking gallery, which felt complicit with the young swordsman. Long series, provocative quotes, and an ambition that paid off. Those changed on the back at the end of the job were the definitive connection. And the effect desired by the young sword.

The sixth, Juan Pedro Domecq’s third, covered up his shortcomings: cornalón and astifino, but little else. Although Borja Jiménez tried to take care of him on poles, the bull did not give up easily on the muleta. Shortly after starting, the task collapsed, but the attitude of the Sevillian was able to overcome everything. The short step, forced in his attack, without surrender, but forced to take the crutch due to the relentless attack of Borja Jiménez. The young swordsman did not leave anything in the pipeline, as he looked for his way around the two pitons. The muletazos could not come out linked, but the task had its spark due to the tremendous disposition of the bullfighter.

Cayetano put together a skillful task, in search of the effect on the people, long, with many passes but little content, in the first of the afternoon. And a good bull, who was as gentle on the muleta as he was obedient and noble. Without setting conditions, surrendered to everything that Cayetano proposed. The knees, in high or pinwheel versions, enchanted the solanera, where Cayetano the bull was taken to find more complicity with the laying. Some stretched, composed muletazo, but very little for what the bull offered him.

The fourth was punched twice without mercy; an abuse. And he came to the crutch as if with the intention of revenge. Between the bad style that the bull developed and some gust of wind, Cayetano found himself overwhelmed. He suffered the bullfighter and even almost lost his temper when he was disarmed and chased. The gang also had its share of trouble and in the arena no one was able to bring order. A relief for Cayetano himself, after a skillful thrust.

Grateful in each invitation the second of the afternoon. Bull of very fair presence, but excellent. Juan Ortega’s receipt veronicas were the signature of the house, with designation of origin, but in the muleta there were only attempts and details. A mirage of a task in which as soon as it began it was dismantled. Sparkles, easy in everything, the task was like a sketch without finishing the drawing. It had no continuity. And everything went downhill, so much so that even the music, so easy to start in this square, stopped playing. The mules took the bull with its ears on. Wasted.

The fifth, from La Ventana del Puerto, also suffered a severe punishment in caning. And he arrived at the crutch with an annoying and jerky nod. Ortega also did not know how to order that and the task had no color or heat. A bullfighter without a soul, without being afflicted, but giving the impression of incapacity. Little ambition, in short.

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