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Bloating and acne? Oat milk may be the culprit

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If it is on plant based milk options arrive played oat milk the game soon ended, but now that we all can no longer live without it, we’re hearing more and more that the popular coffee supplement isn’t good for you at all. Now it has even turned out that oat milk is… was blown up feeling and acne can cause.

Does oat milk cause swelling and acne?

We never thought it would happen, but more and more people are turning to it cow’s milk Now that we hear it more and more often oat milk is actually not that good for you. Select for plant based therefore, it does not always automatically appear to be the best choice. There are certainly plenty of options – from soy and almond to pea and coconut milk, everyone will find their favorite option in the supermarket. However, oat milk is a favorite of many thanks to its smooth taste and creamy texture.

of criticism Oat milk now mainly comes through TikTok to the front – there even the doctors give and and dermatologists talks about the health problems oat milk can cause. Be there acne and a bloated feeling general complaints.

Sarah Carolides, a nutritionist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, shared with the British Grace: “There are three things in oat milk that can cause problems: fiber, the amount of sugars and carbohydrates, and ingredients added by some manufacturers.”

If you drink a lot of oat milk frequently, the fiber and carbohydrates can provide “a kind of… fermentation that produces gas and swelling.’ Note: this does not always have to be the case for everyone.

What acne What it comes down to: Although many people complain about it, there is little research to show a link between oat milk and acne. Dermatologist Justine Hextall told the magazine that for some people, this could be due to higher glycemic index compared to what oat milk has dairy. He also says, “There is increasing evidence that food increases diabetes blood sugar level causes and that it in turn causes a insulin top. It affects hormones and can inflammation reason.’

So oat milk can cause problems, and if it bothers you, it is recommended to choose a different milk. No problem? Then order another one hascappu.

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