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Home Culture “Being a girl on an island means being aware of limits and paying attention to the smallest things” | Talent on board

“Being a girl on an island means being aware of limits and paying attention to the smallest things” | Talent on board

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Valeria Castro


Valeria Castro (La Palma, Canary Islands, 24 years old) expresses herself with diminutives and, sometimes, talks about herself as if she were still little – perhaps that is why she chose that word to give the name to her first EP in 2021. Paradoxically, in the last two years she has grown artistically by leaps and bounds. She released her first album in 2023, with love and care (another title that describes his way of doing things and, like the name of his songs, all in lower case, a trademark of the house), has received the Goya nomination for best original song with Vetusta Morla for Andrea’s love and the 2023 Latin Grammy in the category of best singer-songwriter song for the root: “A girl who comes from such a small place came to the biggest awards in Latin music. “This is how I explained to my grandmother what they (the Latin Grammys) were,” notes the singer-songwriter about how she faced this unexpected recognition. To her grandmother, one of her great inspirations, and to the rest of the women in her family, she dedicated warrior: “I will carry your entire life in my soul,” says one of the verses that she sings in the video of Talent on board which heads this content, the Iberia project aimed at publicizing Spanish talent and in Spanish.

Castro recognizes herself as a defender of vulnerability and tenderness: “They are my weapons,” she summarizes. When asked what awakens her delicacy in her, she answers emphatically: “Coming home.” In a short time, she has achieved her own style now recognizable in the musical scene thanks to her speech, her characteristic moan and the impetus to portray life from that softness that it champions. And, of course, with everything that La Palma represents present, from which she discovered the limits of her world: “Being a girl on an island is being aware of the limits that exist around you and paying attention to the smallest things” , describes.

Valeria Castro learned to play a piano (without legs) as a child at home in La Palma. Photo: COURTED BY VALERIA CASTRO

Some of his most special concerts have been in his second home, Madrid, where he has performed at events such as the Botanical Nights (2023). Photo: GETTY/MARIANO REGIDOR/REDFERNS

Last year he attended the Latin Grammy gala in Seville because he received the nomination for the award for best singer-songwriter song for ‘la root’. Photo: NEILSON BARNARD/GETTY IMAGES FOR THE LATIN ACADEMY OF RECORDING ARTS AND SCIENCES

In 2024 she has been nominated for the Goya for best original song with Vetusta Morla for ‘El amor de Andrea’. Photo: CARLOS ALVAREZ/GETTY IMAGES

It was social networks and the internet that allowed the versions he made of other musicians to come out of the Canary Islands first. Later she went on to write her songs, which always begin with a phrase in the notes on her cell phone: “I am a daughter of my time,” she admits. Virality did the rest and, today, his music has also reached Latin America, where he has made a tour that has become “the best trip” of his life: “In the five countries that we visited there I felt an enormous affection that I will always carry in my heart.” soul,” he says.

Valeria Castro

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