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Are Spanish sociable? This Is Why You Will Love Us!

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Is Spanish sociability real or only a stereotype? Let me tell you we are the friends you were dying to have!

I know…I know. It sounds a bit cocky, even I felt that but it is the truth. Actually we are the friendliest and most sociable country in Europe. How about that?

If you W to travel to countries with rich social life…we are your guys.

Spanish sociability is not a stereotype! Here I’ll find several reasons to love us and  some tips to get a big squad when visiting or moving!

Are Spanish People Sociable?

Yes, Spanish people are very, very sociable. I think it’s a kind of genetics. Most of us are born with an urge to connect with people.

Whatever picture you have made up in your mind with a friendly Spaniard is absolutely accurate. How could we not be? Just imagine…if we have beautiful, warm weather and delicious food, an active lifestyle is the logical follow-up. We love spending time with people with love. And, for all expats’ benefits, we enjoy welcoming new people!

I guess I’ll let this stereotype pass ‘cause it’s entirely true. Our lifestyles are shaped around big groups of people. Our schedules have different moments to share with family, friends, and work colleagues. I will get into this a bit later. But, if you were ever hesitant about visiting us, there is nothing to worry about!

What makes Spanish sociable?

Now, what is it that makes us sociable? Is there a magic formula for our friendliness? Well, yes and no. There are different factors to our procedure that, as a result, create socially active environments. But! As sad as it makes me say this, it’s not so easily replicable. You’ll see why.


Have you ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder? I promise I didn’t make it up. It’s a real issue for many people living in colder countries. So, basically, S.A.D is a mood disorder that affects people in a specific season of the year, mainly winter. People from countries in the northern part of the Equator, like Finland or Norway, might get this a lot. But that is not a problem in Spain! Even in winter, the sun comes out to say hello and grants us some Vitamin D.

I mean…Look at Sevilla in winter!!!


What else? I think another factor for our sociability is our mentality. Here again, another stereotype. Our laid-back, relaxed lifestyle it’s also due to our focus on the present. We like to live in the moment and be grateful to have simple pleasures like a siesta from time to time.


I have more factors for you. Humans are wired to be social and interact with more people, in Spain, that comes from birth. We value being with family a lot like a lot. We like spending time with our direct and extended family. If our family is small, we make one out of great friends.

I mean, what can we do? It’s in our D.N.A. to be like that, and we embrace it.

Life Expectancy

This is my favorite. I firmly believe that being grateful, slowing down, and sharing happy moments make you live longer. We also have a pretty good healthcare system and a balanced diet. But besides that, knowing this gives us a positive life vision. And if you have a positive image of life, you have the energy you want to share.

I know the factors of our formula are not easily replicated. But, there is an alternative solution to this. Ready? It’s straightforward: download Duolingo, pack a bag, get on that airplane, and ya está (done)!

Old Fols in Spain are sociable
Longer life expectancy means more time with friends!

Are Spaniards sociable with Expats?

Yes, Spanish people are very sociable and friendly with expats. Actually, Spain is the friendliest country in Europe. Yes! Before Italy and Portugal!

But before you get too excited about that, there are some things you should consider.

Tips to get your Spanish Squad

Spain is one of the top destinations for expats to retire, but what about the youngest of them? Well, if you want to get yourself a huge Spanish Squad, you’ve gotta learn the lingo.

To make the process easier, you should re-download Duolingo and practice your Spanish. Have you ever heard that Spanish people struggle with English? That stereotype is also very real. We’ll appreciate it if you have some regular Spanish that can match our broken English. We’ll get perfect Spanglish as a result! And that is really fun!

As a second tipI would say you should really adapt to our schedule. Do you know that we do everything an hour later than everyone else? Yes, pretty much everything; we have a late bedtime, late dinners, and very late partying. But it is enjoyable, and I recommend keeping an open mind to this if you want to blend in.

Okay, what else? Spanish people are very friendly but don’t go on to live in the smallest, most solitary village of all. Stick to populated areas like Madrid, Barcelona, or Valencia. These cities are very diverse, have a good English level, and welcome many more expats.

What other European countries share this trait?

We would love for you to just leave everything and come visit us. But I know you want to see the world, and I want you to have a great experience elsewhere. You know Spanish people are suuuper friendly, and you’ll be very welcome here. Now, let’s see what other European places share this trait.

Ready? You have plenty to choose from to make up a trip full of joyful places. So, other very friendly countries in Europe are Greece, Portugal, and Ireland. And to complement this, you should also know which ones are the least friendly. Austria, Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

Spanish people are sociable

So yes, we are very sociable with our personal circle and expats. Several factors have made Spanish people so actively social human beings, but there is a final one I love. Spain is super diverse, and having people from all over the world in one place makes you get out there and meet them.

Now you can be sure this is not a stereotype, and it’s safe for you to move here. Either to travel, work, study, or simply take a sabbatical year. Be sure you are going to have the best time of all.

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