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Are Spanish People Tall? Data, Comparissions and 10 People’s Opinion

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I heard that! You’re saying: “But WHAT is tall?” “What can be considered as tall?”

I mean… You’re here because you want to know how much the Average Height for Men and Women in Spain is.

So… How does it sound if I tell you that we asked 10 people from different countries around the world “Are Spanish Tall?” and that I’m sharing the results in these posts!? Cool, right?

Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything with some data and comparisons so you can see the bigger picture. Compared to Europe it seems like there’s something going on here… Let’s dig into that.

Average Height in Spanish Men

Average Spanish Men above 18 years old are 176.11 cm, (5 ft. 9 in). According to in 2022.

Almost like the F1 Spanish driver, Carlos Sainz… who happens to be 5 ft 10 tall (one inch above average) Soo… next time you see Carlos walking down the streets (I wish) you can see by yourself how tall are the Spanish people!

Average Height in Spanish Women

Average Spanish Women above 18 years old are 162.03 cm, (5 ft. 4 in). (According to the same source)

*Fun fact* To all my 5’4 ladies I’m here to tell you that Chris Hemshowrth’s girlfriend, Elsa Pataky (a very talented Spanish model and actress) is 5 ft 2 inch! A little less than the average for women in Spain!


Spain’s Height Compared to Other Countries

Let’s talk about some facts! What Studies have to say about this?

I have put together a table so you can see it more clearly. This is the actual comparission between countries in Europe and their average height. To answer the question: compared to the European average Spanish people are shorter than the rest of their neighbors.

Whether you’re tall or short, or wondering who’s taller than who, what matters is on the inside. ~Not if you are 5’1~ (just kidding).

It’s interesting to understand perceptions around the world about this topic, especially because height is not just a matter of physical appearance, looks or stereotypes. It has so much to do with society history and people’s wellbeing as a country.

What People Over the World Have to Say About Spaniard’s Height

I’ve always questioned how people see Spaniard’s height… some say they’re tall while others say they’re too short. Let’s hear what this 10 people have to say about Spanish people’s height!

1. Gerard from Netherlands:

Well… Coming from Amsterdam I can assure you that Spanish people can’t be considered tall. I’m aware that people in my country are among the tallest but, without that in mind, I still consider the average woman and man in Spain to be quite short for the European Standard.

2. Benedetta, from Italy:

I mean, they kind of are. If you compare them with the rest of Europe the difference is not so noticeable… a few inches maybe but nothing to be alarmed about. Everyone looks kind of similar to me.

3. Sophia, from Germany:

Just nope. They are not tall at all. No further explanation needed.

4. Michael, from Boston in United States:

Almost all my friends from USA are literally above 6 feet while in Europe most people are 5’11 or something like that. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or my experience but I have the impression that Spanish people are not tall compared to other countries I’ve been to.

5. Luis, from Colombia:

It depends. I mean they are not short but they are definitely not tall at all. It’s like, they’re just normal people. They are right in the middle of the average height.

6. Valeria from Ecuador:

Long time ago I read somewhere (I don’t remember where, sorry) that in the 1900’s the average height was even lower. It was 5’4, but today it has changed to 5’9 or something because kids have better eating habits and people are less poor than before. Going back to the question, Spanish people are taller than before. (compared to themselves)

7. Ana, from Russia:

Tall compared to who? They are tall for Latinoamerican people but are too short for the European Standard. Also, I have the impression that women are taller than a woman’s standard but men are short for theirs… (but that’s just my opinion)

8. Gabriela, from Dominican Republic:

If you ask me (4’9 foot) I would say Spanish people are extremely tall. But I understand that countries such as Holland or Nordic european countries are taller, in general, than in Spain.

9. Roberto, from Mexico:

Well… If we talk about the average woman’s height in Spain I would say they are short. Compared to other countries in the North of Europe. But I have the impression that Spanish men are really tall. But this is for the new generations, because Spanish old people (including both women and males) are mostly short.

10. Claudia from Spain:

Yes, I think everyone above 5’6 can be considered tall. (I’m a short little woman) A lot of people in Spain seem to be taller than that so my answer is yes. They are tall. Especially compared to my fellow friends from Latinoamerican countries.

Soo… answering your question: Spanish people are not short. They just have taller neighbors.

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