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Are London’s hype restaurants actually any good?

by News Room
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There are two options at Supernova, a takeaway burger joint leaning unsubtly into the films of Wes Anderson, which has had such online hype that the wait can stretch to an hour (but not always; we walked straight in). You are presented with two options: one, the “classic”, where mustard and ketchup are added to the patty and American cheese; two, “house”, which comes with a sauce of the brand’s own making. Eating the latter, the sauce is too much — in flavour and in volume. Otherwise, it is a joyful experience: patties boast crisp, charred rims, while their centres are soft, playing purposeful hopscotch with gooey cheese. Is this why TikTok reels of it are watched by tens of thousands? Perhaps, or perhaps the Internet is just odd. But is it worth queuing for? Entirely depends. Maybe 15 minutes, but no more. “It’s just McDonald’s for wankers,” is the less generous take from Ellis.

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