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A run by Santiago Domecq | Culture

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The rancher Santiago Domecq has fought a bullfight at the April Fair in Seville. Six bulls of very finished workmanship, compliant on the horses with some exceptions, who galloped in banderillas, allowed cape bullfighting and wasted caste, mobility, humiliation, fixity and quality on the muleta, in which they all lasted an eternity.

The fifth stood out, named Weakness, weighing 535 kilos, with a black cape, who had a discreet fight on poles, galloped but got hurt in the second third, and pursued David de Miranda’s deception with true greed, with an unusual zeal, combative, demanding, emotional and with a class that oozed from him from tail to tail. The bullfighter, knowing what was at stake, gave his best, he did his best with both hands and stood out for his long and deep naturals. Overflowing with caste, Weakness It did not stop attacking with promptness, firmness and transmission at the same time that the men asked for pardon, although the animal made an attempt to flee with stalemate at the end of one of the last rounds. The president, José Luque, with good judgment, told the bullfighter that he should go in to kill; and De Miranda jabbed before charging a lunge. The task was not a one-two punch because it did not find its culmination in supreme luck, and the bull was back, and the president made a serious mistake. Weakness He went to the slaughterhouse without the honors he had earned in the ring and the bullfighter from Huelva received an excessive prize.

The entire bullfight, with its deficiencies, which there were, reached levels of supreme quality. Three ears were cut off, but there could have been twelve if the shortlist had been mature, with many celebrations behind them and no stress in the face of an empty agenda. This was a lot of bullfighting for three bullfighters who needed to be well enough to win contracts.

And all three of them were good, but not at the level that their opponents demanded. Garrido, for example, seems to have evolved positively with the cape and the crutch. He received his first on his knees at the bullpen door, he capped Veronica in a variety of ways and gallantly all afternoon, with aprons and chicuelinas, and tried to mulete with the class that his bulls offered him. But it was not an easy undertaking. His move to the very good first was commendable, and he demonstrated determined dedication in the other.

David de Miranda debuted in this square as an alternative matador, and at first he seemed cold and soulless in his first hits, a defect that he corrected later. Repetitive and consistent it was the second of the afternoon, and the Huelva right-hander walked next to him in the best possible way without catching his breath; better in the fifth, the bull of the bullfight, which demanded a blow that he was not able to receive on the first attempt. He did, however, get a whistle in the groin that didn’t seem to be of any importance.

Natural of David de Miranda to the bull ‘Tabarro’.Arjona Pagés

And Leo Valadez’s lot was of the same tenor, brave bulls, tireless, fit, happy and with a journey, but the Mexican, determined and with brilliant moments, like his companions, and varied as always with the cape, did not find the way appropriate. In addition, he was knocked over when he turned around and lost his face, first of all, and suffered a minor blow to the right iliac fossa.

In conclusion, the three bullfighters gave many passes, and there was bullfighting in bursts, but not that round task, that emotional and captivating work of art that ignites the senses and excites the soul. The winners were, without a doubt, the bulls.

Once again, the mystery of bullfighting…

Domecq/Garrido, De Miranda, Valadez

Bulls of Santiago Domecq, well presented, dutiful on the horses, brave, greedy, well-positioned and very noble in the final third; The fifth stood out, extraordinary in the crutch, for which a pardon was requested and the president did not grant him a return to the ring. The fourth came to the horse from the middle, and the second was tame.

Jose Garrido: somewhat low lunge (ear); prick, guard thrust, and low thrust _notice_ (silence).

David de Miranda: opposite thrust, one madness _notice_ and four madnesses (ovation); prick, thrust _notice_ (two ears). She carried herself out the front door.

Leo Valadez: downturn and three crazy things (silence); half a lunge and a madness (silence).

La Maestranza Square. April 9th. Third subscription run for the April Fair. Half entry.

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