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A KLM plane en route to Schiphol returns due to a cockpit window failure

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Yesterday, the KLM plane on its way from Japan to Schiphol turned back shortly after departure due to a problem with the cockpit window.

A KLM spokesperson confirmed this to NH. The problem with flight KL862 was discovered less than an hour after departure (11:20 local time) from Tokyo. The captain then decided to return to Narita Airport. The change in the course of the flight is clearly visible in Flightradar.

A Japanese news platform has obtained a photo showing one of the cockpit windows riddled with numerous small cracks (see post below).

KLM’s spokesperson does not want to explain the fault further. “But at least it had nothing to do with the weather.”

Last week, a plane crashed into… Austrian Airlines was badly damaged when it encountered a severe hailstorm during a flight from Palma de Mallorca to Vienna. Despite the shattered outer layer of the cockpit window and parts of the nose flying off, the pilots managed to land the plane safely.

243 passengers to the hotel and booked again

The 243 passengers traveling from Tokyo to Schiphol have been offered hotel accommodation in Japan and will be rebooked on other Schiphol flights. “We would like to emphasize that the safety of our passengers and crew is of the utmost importance and that they have not been in any danger,” the spokesman said.

Flight KL682 is a daily flight. The next one is expected to arrive at Schiphol tomorrow morning at 6:15.

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