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A heroic Manuel Escribano makes history in Seville | Culture

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La Maestranza today experienced an unforgettable afternoon that, without a doubt, can be described as historic; The square was swept away by emotion and overwhelmed by the greatness of a man who established himself as a hero and shrank the hearts of thousands of people who could not believe what was happening in the arena.

It was a few minutes before a quarter to nine at night when Manuel Escribano, stripped of his jacket, with his shirt sleeves covered by his golden vest, and clad in short jeans, took his cape and prepared to cross the diameter of the He rolled to stand on his knees at the bullpen door to receive the sixth of the afternoon. Those lying on their feet watched in disbelief at the unusual image, and the music band began to play to celebrate the moment.

Escribano had just left the infirmary, where he entered minutes after half past six, when the first bull of the afternoon, for which he also waited on his knees in bullpens, hooked him by the right leg, turned him around ferociously, and searched for him viciously. in the sand and threw him into the air again when he threw him at Veronica, and gored him in the thigh. The bullfighter asked the doctors to operate on him with local anesthesia, and two hours later he was again in front of the door of fear, in the midst of an enormous emotional burden spread throughout the venue. He waited an eternity for the bull to come out and after the long exchange he drew some very excited verónicas.

Contrary to popular opinion, he nailed two pairs of banderillas to a violent bull, with many feet, which put him in real trouble. And when Escribano took the crutch there was a deafening silence. He had before him a victorino Fierce, aggressive, willing to sell each attack at a high price, extremely complicated, who watched and X-rayed the bullfighter with each blow of the muleta.

Established, firm, heroic, perhaps extraterrestrial, Escribano played the role with a honorable attitude that knew how to recognize the square, that lived the task with an unknown intensity. The bullfighter saved the animal’s difficult charge and achieved very worthwhile muletazos, far above the tough and demanding character of his opponent. And at the moment of truth, he threw himself on top of the morrillo, heads or tails, knowing that there was the key to a historic triumph.

A moment of the spectacular catch that Escribano suffered when he received the first bull with his cape.Arjona Pagés

He deservedly paraded both ears, because Escribano came to demonstrate that great bullfighting also resides in the heroism of a man determined to die to achieve glory.

And another who was about to catch up was Borja Jiménez, who killed three bulls, and produced a very emotional task for the one who came out in third place, Baratero in name, ruined with the sword. There remained, however, bunches of immense naturals, overflowing with beauty, the product of perfect placement, and an attitude derived from unusual confidence and security. Jiménez has been a bullfighter at fairs for two days and seems like a seasoned veteran of a long career. He cleanly dealt with the bronco and not an easy bull that injured Escribano, and offered a lesson in courage against the fifth, with a very short trip, like almost the entire bullfight.

Roca Rey premiered with the victorians and it didn’t clash. The bullring examined him rigorously and was, perhaps, cold in the face of the bullfighter’s serious commitment. He successfully overcame the difficulty of his first, bland and with his face held high in each blow of the muleta, and dominated the other from start to finish, very complicated by the left piton. He insisted with his right hand and achieved moments of brilliance against an animal that did not give up a single attack.

The afternoon, however, belonged to Escribano, a bullfighter who is not considered a figure, often mistreated by companies, and who demonstrated that he is a hero deserving of honor and glory. Next Sunday the miuras await you.

Martín/Escribano, Jiménez, Roca

Bulls of Victorino Martin, well presented, gentle on horses, short journeys, difficult and dull; He completed the sixth in rods, very complicated on the crutch.

Manuel Escribano: caught in the first third of the bull that opened the plaza. The medical report indicates that he suffered a 10 cm wound. in the lower third of the right thigh affecting subcutaneous tissue without vascular compromise. Suturing is performed under local anesthesia. Right rib contusion without evidence of fracture. Less serious prognosis that does not prevent him from continuing the fight with his second bull, run in sixth place. Back lunge (two ears).

Borja Jimenez: falling lunge (ovation); half lunge very back and lying (ear); back lunge and prone (ovation).

King Rock: rear lunge (silence); low lunge (palmas).

La Maestranza Square. April 13th. Seventh subscription run of the April Fair. Full of ‘no tickets’.

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