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A brave and well-placed bullfight from Victorino | Culture

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The big show of the afternoon came in the fifth. Serious on the outside and very serious behavior on the inside. Compliant in rods, without further ado, they were delayed in banderillas and delivered in the muleta when there was delivery of his matador, Manuel Escribano. When the bull was taken down at the first opportunity, for the muleta it was like flipping a coin: heads or tails. It was not a complicated task, but exciting at all times. On the left side the bull offered itself with the difficulties typical of a hardened and brave bull, which humiliated it by looking for a crutch and grabbing it with gusto. Escribano kept the pulse of the Victorino, although a disarmament did not tone down a task with the public very much in favor of the cause. To give it greater emotion, a somersault, without consequences, finished putting the accent on a work of great importance in the laying. It was difficult to square the bull, but the final thrust, at the top, forceful and effective, unleashed delirium. Both ears were requested, but it was not well understood that only one was granted. The bull was turned around in the drag amidst thunderous applause.

Rafaelillo first performed the task of a veteran bullfighter on the handsome and horny bullfighter: with poise, with a certain fighting air, of little gallery. The bull accused the excessive punishment received in rods and, although a little short on the charge, he let himself be carried away even with quality drops. A series on the right and another final one with the left were the best of a work faithful to his style.

The fourth was an invalid from start to finish. Protested in three thirds, it reached Rafaelillo’s hands out of breath, like a piece of trash. There was no way to straighten that out and the Murcian had to abbreviate given what he had seen.

The second was cheap, also more than fair, and limped out to recover from the second third. They also hit him with sticks, but once Victorino made it easy, he didn’t make it easy for Escribano on the right pitch. On the left it was something else: with greater distance, although always looking askance at his killer. Natural Escribano carried it for a long time, always insistent and treading on forbidden ground. A scare almost at the end of the task and a faulty thrust ended the chapter.

Nor with plenty of strength, like the rest of the bullfight, the third, but a bull with very good background, with class. And humiliating when taking the crutch. Borja Jiménez always had a very tight time, putting the bull in the flannel. A task of fair blows of muletazos, neither lacking nor excess. And naturally, two versions with a very rich interpretation: carrying luck or standing together. All very sincere and enormously decisive. But he was quick to kill and the victory disappeared.

The sixth was used and pushed with class and was obedient on the muleta, although the proximity with which Borja Jiménez bullfighted him bothered him. With a lot of courage, looking for the bull’s turns, the Sevillian bullfighter worked hard even though he could not shine. The bull, which little by little learned its lesson, became somewhat impertinent at the end, and Borja Jiménez chose not to extend the task. A generous ear.


Bulls of Victorino Martin, well presented except for the second one, small and very little offensive. Just in terms of strength, but with a great background of class. The fifth, confident and brave, was turned around the ring.

Rafaelillo: two punctures (greetings); prick and detached thrust (regards).

Manuel Escribano: rear and detached lunge _ notice _ (ear); great thrust _ warning _ (ear, request for the second and two turns to the ring, with monumental anger at the president). She walked out the front door on her shoulders.

Borja Jimenez: three jabs and thrust (greetings); forward and lying lunge (ear).

Alicante Square. June 24. Last of the Bonfire Fair. Half long entry (6,412 spectators, according to data provided by the company).

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